Great Cathedrals and Abbeys

Favourite Hymns from Westminster Abbey GCCD 4018   

Favourite Hymns from St. Paul’s GCCD 4058  

Favourite Hymns from Oxford – Amazing Grace GCCD 4047  

Gregorian Chant GCCD 4068       

From Darkness to Light – The Salisbury Advent Service GCCD 4030  

In Honour of our Lady GCCD 4026      

William Byrd: Hereford Cathedral Choir GCCD 4048 

An English Choral Tradition GCCD 4043  

Various top cathedrals, Stephen Darlington  GCCD 4082 

Chant in Honour of Anglo Saxon Saints CGCD 4004  

Praise and Majesty GCCD 4076     

Favourite Hymns from Wells Cathedral GCCD 4010   

King of Glory GCCD 4041   

Organ Classics from York Minster GCCD 4067   

Choral Evensong from Wells Cathedral CSACD 3054                           

JANACEK: The Lord’s Prayers GCCD 4042       

Praise and Thanksgiving GCCD 4046    

Immortal Fire – Winchester Cathedral GCCD 4049 

The Vicars Choral of Wells Cathedral GCCD 4050  

The Virgin Mary’s Journey (Anthems to the Virgin from 15th to 20th centuries) GCCD 4054 

YOUR SWEETEST NOTES (new music incl Laurisden’s O Magnum Mysterium) GCCD 4055 

Chichester Cathedral Choir; John Birch (conductor), Ian Fox (organ) GCCD 4059

Hymns from Hereford Cathedral: 18 favourites GCCD 4060    

French Choral Jewels GCCD 4061      

A Lichfield Celebration GCCD 4064         

Choirs of Cambridge: Jesus College Choir GCCD 4069     

Evensong for St Andrew’s Day GCCD 4071    

Choir of Queens’ College Cambridge GCCD 4080     

Christmas Carols from Westminster Abbey CGCD 4005      

Christmas Carols from Hereford Cathedral GCCD 4016   

Organ Classics Westminster Cathedral GCCD 4027          

Organ Spectacular Winchester Cathedral GCCD 4028        

Salisbury Sound GCCD 4038   

Advent in Winchester GCCD 4052             

Great Tudor Anthems GCCD 4053        

Sounds Magnificent GCCD 4075