Choral Evensong from Wells Cathedral CSACD 3054

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Wells Cathedral Choir; Anthony Crossland, Organist & Master of the Choristers; Andrew Nethsingha, Assistant Organist.

Sam Beavan (Head Chorister), Timothy Brown (Second Chorister), Philip Anson, David Meredith, Matthew Sullivan, Sebastian Hudson, Anselm Aston, Thomas Bush, Gabriel Vick, Jonathan Maddocks, Jorden Berry, Christopher Bucknall, Ben Hayler, Christopher Siggery, Simon Wright.

Keith Donoghue, Chirstian van Dyck, Nicolas Stebbing-Allen, Gavin Rogers-Ball

Gerald Burton, Scott Bosscher, Stephen Mitchell, Nicholas Edwards

Marcus Laing, Howard Ionascu, Benjamin Dobey, Anthony Davidson


Organ Voluntary: INTERMEZZO Herbert Sumsion 1899-1995 05:33
Introit: AVE MARIA Robert Parsons (d. 1570) 05:01
Opening Responses: Clucas 01:05
Psalm 78: hear my law, o my people Chants by H.S. Oakley, S.S. Wesley, W. Crotch, J.Goss, T.A. Walmisley 17:38
First Lesson: ISAIAH, Chapter 6, vv1-8 02:01
Office Hymm: PRAY THAT JERUSALEM MAY HAVE Tune: York 01:41
Magnificat: SECOND SERVICE Kenneth Leighton 06:40
Second Lesson: REVELATION, Chapter 21, vv 1-7 02:02
Nunc Dimittis: SECOND SERVICE Leighton 03:54
Creed (said) 01:01
Responses & Collects: Clucas 05:09
Anthem: BLESSED CITY, HEAVENLY SALEM Edwards Bairstow (1874-1946) 08:57
Intercessions 03:00
Hymm: LOVE DIVINE, ALL LOVES EXCELLING Tune: Blaenwern 03:40
Final Responses: Naylor Festal 00:33
Organ Voluntary: SONATA No.1 in G (1st movement) Edward Elgar (1857-1934) 08:20

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