The Clerkes of Oxenford: The Originals – Debut

GCCD 4083

Price: £8.99

First issue of England’s transformative Choir directed by David Wulstan

“This pioneering choir under David Wulstan demonstrated a new way of performance and inspired a new generation of world-class choir directors. Its use of vibrato-less, high women’s voices, one-to-a-part scoring, and above all its strict approach to tempo, set the standard for most recordings since.” “It’s very much the fruit of my time at Oxford and the influence of David Wulstan and Bernard Rose.”(Harry Christophers)

“Under the direction of Wulstan, some choirs decided that Tudor pitch was probably a minor third above today’s. The theory is convincingly demonstrated.” “The Clerkes of Oxenford opened our ears to a new and invigorating approach to Tudor church music” (Gramaphone)