“Middle Ages Music” with the Forbury and Holbein Consorts, and Trinity Baroque GCCD 4001

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Attractive quality performances in excellent sound, of a lively selection of 22 pieces. These throw a light on the variety of music including instrumental dances which represent the period 1200-1480.

Including: Se je souspir; Verbum Patris; Angelus ad Virginem; Ecco la Primavera; Deo Gracias; Je ne fais plus; O Rosa Bella; Douce Dame; In Tua Memoria; O fanciulla Giulia; Sur le Face est Pale; Die Katzenpfote; Das Jagerhorn, La Bionda Trezza; Novus miles sequitur; La Flours d’hiver; Comment qu’a moy, & five others

Cat.no:    GCCD 4001 (CD)

Barcode:  50278-224001-27

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