A Victorian Parlour Evening GCCD 4009

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Product Description

Re-creation of the entertainment of Dickens’ day – soprano, tenor, baritone, violin, piano each highlighting different favourites of the period.  A hundred years ago parlour soirees were a popular form of entertainment.  Groups of friends would gather at each other’s homes to enjoy an evening of music, taking it in turns to perform.  In this recreation of a typical Victorian parlour party the artists include a lady who sings soprano, and favours the lyrical while the tenor enjoys songs with spirit and character.  The baritone has a talent for the current popular classics and the violinist lends an insinuating obligato to certain of the songs.  A sparkling piano accompaniment is provided – and pianistic interludes enable the vocalists to rest between their labours.Total time: 65:06 “A sweet unpretentious programme, easy to listen to” Lucano – American Record Guide  


Track Name Composer Artist
Rondoletto Spohr Margaret Lion
I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls M W Balfe Patricia Sabin
Come into the garden, Maud M W Balfe Graham Titus
Prithee, pretty maiden Sir Arthur Sullivan Michael Goldthorpe, Patricia Sabin
Londonderry air Trad Mary Kennard
Take a pair of sparkling eyes Sir Arthur Sullivan Michael Goldthorpe
Slumber song: The widow to her child Heins Patricia Sabin, Mary Kennard
The Arab’s farewell to his favourite steed John Blockley Graham Titus
Let me dream again Sullivan Patricia Sabin
Silver threads among the gold H P Danks, arr. Graham Titus Patricia Sabin, Graham Titus
Simple aveu F Thome Mary Kennard
The man that broke the bank at Monte Carlo Fred Gilbert Michael Goldthorpe
Warblings at eve Brinley Richards Margaret Lion
Believe me, if all those endearing young charms Trad Michael Goldthorpe, Patricia Sabin
A young girl’s prayer F Edward Bache Margaret Lion
Comin’ through the rye Trad Patricia Sabin
La mia canzone F Paolo Tosti Michael Goldthorpe
Meditation Massenet Mary Kennard
Love’s old sweet song Molloy Patricia Sabin, Graham Titus, Mary Kennard


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